Engineering Centre

The Engineering Centre is set-up in collaboration with the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), A*STAR, and support from Enterprise Singapore. It is an innovation hub where bespoke materials are created in accordance with customers’ requirements. It will also house accredited labs and anchor design-for-manufacturing (DfM) of advanced polymer materials.

To be the Industry Leader in the field of research and development of polymer materials, by offering advanced and reliable formulation, analytical services and technical support to Omni-Plus System Ltd and her customers.

Quality Policy Statement

In accordance to best industry practices and standards, the Engineering Centre, Omni-Plus System Ltd will ensure that all products and projects are delivered to the highest possible quality, as determined by our customers, in order to uphold its integrity and maintain trust from all stakeholders. The Engineering Centre also strives for continual improvement so as to comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.